McCall Middle School    

All students at McCall study music. The students may choose from band, chorus, orchestra or general music. In addition, students may audition for the after-school groups! There are no fees for any of the music courses, including band and orchestra.


After School Groups

After school groups available to McCall students include Jazz Band and Jubilation Singers. Jazz Band is an audition based group and these students are required to be enrolled in band or orchestra during the day. Jazz Band performs jazz pieces and plays at all band concerts as well as In the Mood Band Dance in May and Town Day Jazz Performance. Heritage Singers is a non-auditioned chorus open to any interested 6-8 Grader. 

Upcoming Events

McCall Middle School Music Faculty

Jeremy Hachten

Mr. Hachten is the McCall Band Director and conductor of the 8th Grade Orchestra.


Mr. Hachten can be reached via email at 

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_______ is the Strings Director for Grades 3-7. She is also the conductor of the 6th and 7th Grade McCall Orchestras. 


_____ can be reached via email at 

For more information click on Strings in Winchester. 


Kailey Jones

Kailey Jones is the Chorus Teacher at McCall and also directs the auditioned group Jubilation Singers.


For more information about the McCall Middle School Choral Program, click here.


______ can be reached via email 


Lynn Shane

Ms. Shane teaches Grades 6 and 7 Chorus and General Music at McCall. She is also the Pre-K Music teacher at Lynch Elementary School. 


Ms. Shane can be reached via email at 


Jeanne Snodgrass

Ms. Snodgrass teaches Brass and Percussion in Grades 4-6. Ms. Snodgrass is the conductor of the McCall Jazz Band which is open to all middle schoolers by audition.  


Ms. Snodgrass can be reached via email at